Wild West Regional March 9, 10, 11 & 12 USDAA Trial Information

Trial location: This trial is being held at the Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Center in Queen Creek, AZ.  See the premium for directions and a map of the grounds. Please note, there will be active horse events taking place at the same time as the agility competition.  Every effort has been made to minimize interaction between horses and dogs.
Setup and Check-In: 
Setup begins at 4 PM on Thursday. Briefing/walkthroughs begin at 5:15 PM, with first dog on line at 5:45 PM. 
Check-in/measure-in on Friday/Saturday is 7 AM. Briefing/walkthroughs begin at 7:30 AM, with first dog on line at 8 AM.    
On Sunday, briefing/walkthroughs for Regional Steeplechase/PSJ will begin at 9 AM, with first dog on line at 9:30 AM.

Your dog needs to be measured if: you have a temporary (blue) height card with only 1 or 2 measurements on it. If you have 3 measurements, you are good to go. If you need a CMJ, Karen Gloor will be available to measure dogs.

Canopy space/stall rentals:  There is limited space for canopy set up.  If you can share with someone, that would be great.  Otherwise, be sure to rent a stall.  The stalls are covered and have access to power so you can plug in fans, etc.  Contact Jennifer Broadhead at 480-358-3793 to reserve your spot if you haven't already. 

Concession Stand:  There is a concession stand onsite that will be offering food and drinks for sale.   
RV Parking: RV parking is available.  Reserve a spot by calling Jennifer Broadhead at 4801-358-3793.

Volunteer sign-ups: There will be a sign-up board where you can sign up to volunteer. Volunteers receive food from the concession stand if you work 3 classes.
Group Rotations: Some classes on Friday and Saturday will run in Rotations.  There will be three rotations between two rings, so one rotation will be off at all times.  We would encourage those of you in the off rotation to please help us out in the rings. We always appreciate the help and your efforts will be rewarded with food, a worker's raffle, smiles, and gratitude!

Provisional Steeplechase/PSJ and Grand Prix/PGP Entries: If you entered provisionally for the STP and/or GP, and you sent a separate check with your entry, those checks will either be deposited or shredded, depending on the outcome of your runs on the local courses. 

If you submitted a GP/PGP Bye: you have automatically been entered in both rounds of the GP/PGP.  If you do not want to run your dog in round 1, simply scratch your dog from the class, letting both the gate and the scribe know so we can pull your scribe sheet.

The running order will be posted on this website no later than Wednesday. Running orders will not be available at the trial so be sure to print it out if you want it.

Thank you for supporting the Wild West Regional!!