Superstition Kennel Club March 3, 4 & 5 AKC Trial Information

Trial location: This trial is being held at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.  The site is on the grassy area located east of the grandstand and west of the coliseum. Click here for a map of the site. 
Setup and Check-In: Setup begins at 3 PM on Thursday. There will be no check-in/measure-in on Thursday.  Check-in/measure-in on Friday is 8:45. AM for Ex/Masters dogs, 12 PM for Open/Novice dogs.  We will start running dogs at 9:30 AM. Saturday/Sunday, check-in/measure-in begins at 7:45 AM for Ex/Master dogs, 12 PM for Open/Novice dogs.  We will start running dogs at 8:30 AM.

If your dogs needs to be measured: check-in at the scoretable.  The judge will measure in the morning and then again before the Novice runs.

Move-ups: If you earn a title and are eligible to move up, please be sure to enter the appropriate information in the move-up book located at the results table.

NO STAKING OF TENTS!:  The staking of tents is not allowed.  You must bring weights or ropes to anchor your tents. There is water onsite to fill water jugs (for weights).  Also, the agility area will be fully fenced and locked each night, but please do not bring any valuable items.  Contact Zonies is not responsible for theft or loss.

Access to Fairgrounds:  You may enter the fairgrounds from either side...either 19th Ave. or 17th Ave. and McDowell. We are trying to get an unloading area setup for agility competitors on the north side of the field.

Parking Passes:  There is a fee for parking each day. Parking is $8 per day. There may be a discount for a 3-day pass. Please be sure to ask at the booth. 

Food Vendor:  A food vendor will be on site. If you work 3 or more classes, you will get a free lunch.  
RV Parking: RV parking is available.  Please see RV Parking Info for more information.
Show Format/Volunteers: This is a two-ring show, one-judge show. We will be alternating the classes between the two rings.  Please consider stepping in and working when you are not running.  Your help will be much appreciated.  We will offer punch cards for non-Zonies members Contact Cash for Zonies members. There will also be a volunteer tent loaded with lots of yummy treats.

The running order will be posted on this website no later than Wednesday. Running orders will not be available at the trial so be sure to print it out if you want it.

Thank you for supporting our AKC Trial!!