Good Dog Agility January 2012 Results



We had database issues on Sunday and we had to discard the entire show database so I am only able to post Saturday's results.  And even still, some classes may not be listed as not all of the results were saved to file.  Rest assured that ALL results will be sent to USDAA.  Once they are posted on their site, you will be able to view them there.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Masters Gamblers

PIII Gamblers

Masters Pairs

PIII Pairs

Masters Snooker

PIII Snooker

Masters Standard

PIII Standard

Veteran's Gamblers

Veteran's Standard

Veteran's Snooker

Perf. Grand Prix (sorry...I do not have Grand Prix results)

Steeplechase Rd. 1

Perf. Speed Jumping Rd. 1

Advanced Gamblers

PII Gamblers

Advanced Pairs

PII Pairs

Advanced Standard

PII Standard

Starters Gamblers

PI Gamblers

Starters Pairs

PI Pairs

Starters Standard

PI Standard

Starters Snooker

PI Snooker